The making of Brian Eno’s Another Green World

While most peoples’ “all-time favourite desert island discs” lists tend to coincide with whatever they were listening to in their late teens/early twenties when their musical tastes were coalescing/calcifying – mine certainly did, at least when I kept such a list – sometimes you come across a record much later in life that is instantly […]


I’m not intending the title of this post to be particularly cryptic or emphatic or anything… it’s just the name of the film. Said film being Eno, a 1973 short film documentary by German director Alfi Sinniger about Brian Eno. In it, Eno talks about his time in Roxy Music, working with Robert Fripp on […]

Brian Eno’s “The Big Ship” and Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

Even relative to his immensely otherworldly and experimental discography, Brian Eno’s Another Green World stands out as an especially magical record (Fripp!). And I’m not too embarrassed to admit that I was led into exploring Eno’s solo work – particularly the more conventional rock/vocal records of the ’70s – through a movie soundtrack. “The Big […]