Swervedriver Ranks Their Records

I’ve been trying to learn to play a few selections from Swervedriver’s back catalog lately and have really come to appreciate how unconventional Adam Franklin’s playing and writing style is. His musical brain is an interesting place to be, and I’ve been living in it and the Swervedriver oeuvre a fair bit of late. So […]

The Cure – “Fascination Street”

Simon Gallup has quit The Cure except no, he hasn’t quit The Cure. It’s unclear if in the months between point A and point B if he actually missed out on any work duties since the band aren’t touring and next album Live From The Moon was supposed to have been almost done since last […]

The Gear of The Ride Reunion

As architects of what would become known and loved as “shoegaze”, the specifics of Ride’s musical tools have always been of particular interest to a certain segment of society. So it’s kind of a tragedy that none of the guitar-centric articles from their first go-around seem to exist online… and by “none of”, I mean […]

Life Without Buildings – “The Leanover”

In retrospect it’s more surprising that I’m even discovering Life Without Buildings now, than that it took me 20-plus years to discover them. Their only record Any Other City came out in 2001, when music discovery tools like Napster were put to work more finding Manic Street Preachers b-sides than hearing stuff completely new to […]

Swervedriver – “Duel”

Sometimes I’ll write a lot about a song I post, sometimes I won’t. Guess which time this is? It’s Swervedriver, and “Duel” the lead single from sophomore record Mezcal Head. Speaks for itself. But I will mention that I’ve found another guitar tutorial site with excellent taste in lessons. Swervedriver guitar parts are not easy […]

The Clientele – “Reflections After Jane”

While 2003’s The Violet Hour is technically The Clientele’s full-length debut, it’s 2000’s Suburban Light, which collected two years’ worth of singles, EPs, and compilation appearances that made their name and gets them the most praise. It’s also the only one of them still available vinyl, as it was reissued for its 25th anniversary in […]

Press Cycles: Melody’s Echo Chamber / Bon Voyage

The 2012 self-titled debut from Melody’s Echo Chamber was a sublime collection of psychedelic dreampop made distinctive by Melody Prochet’s Gallic sensibilities. Much was made of the sonic signature of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, who produced and played on the record, but anyone assuming that it was his project and Prochet just the face/voice grossly […]