Blankenberge – “Everything”

I hope I haven’t violated any kind of embargoes in buying copies of Blankenberge’s last two albums – Everything and More – on the May edition of Bandcamp Friday, but I think I’m okay. I’m pretty sure they shipped from Portland. And come on, the Russian outfit’s soaring shoegaze kind of transcends borders or nationality. […]

Blouse – “Into Black”

Too busy to do up some “proper” content right now, so I’ll settle for a, “hey remember these guys?” from a blog-era band that’s vanished into the ether. Blouse came out of Portland, Oregon with an icy, skeletal sound that I certainly dug for their 2011 self-titled debut, at least. This song, in particular – […]

Velocity Girl – “Sorry Again”

Took a week off – sorry not sorry – and of course in that time, the big news dropped that ’90s DC shoegaze/dreampop heroes Velocity Girl were reuniting for the first time in over 20 years to headline the 30th anniversary party for Washington DC club The Black Cat in September. They were a university […]

Lush – “De-Luxe”

Let’s land the wayback machine in 1990, and look at the first video – or videos – from Lush. They released their debut mini-album Scar in July of 1989 and despite it being well-receieved, they didn’t record any promotional videos for it. They saved that honour for “De-Luxe”, the opening track of their follow-up EP […]

Tokyo Shoegazer – “Bright”

At first, you might think the even the name is a joke. Tokyo Shoegazer? And… they’re shoegazers? From Tokyo? Well, yes. And it’s fitting that Tokyo Shoegazer is a sort of avatar for everything about Japanese shoegaze; it’s not original or boundary-pushing, but it’s also not trying to be. Instead it’s taking everything they love […]

Dry Cleaning, Live @ KEXP

I’d thought I already posted the first of these Dry Cleaning studio sessions from Seattle’s KEXP, but no – those were other live sets, so let’s make this one a twofer. Or threefer, since I didn’t even know about the middle one. And they make a nice little pre-post-pandemic triptych, if “nice” can be used […]