Alvvays – “Adult Diversion”

Like many/most who were immediately taken with Alvvays’ dreamy indie-pop from the get-go, I’d prefer not to be reminded that that self-titled debut album came out a full decade ago this week. Especially since I’d been following the band for a full year and half before then, since first seeing the soon-to-be hometown heroes back […]

Asobi Seksu x Boris

Japanese-American shoegazers Asobi Seksu‘s final full-length album was 2011’s Fluorescence, but their final release of new music came in November of 2012, with a Record Store Day release. It was a 7″ split single with Japanese noise-rock gods Boris wherein each covered one of the other’s songs. Appropriately, Asobi Seksu took “Farewell” from Boris’ 2005 […]

Shojoskip – “Glory Of The Snow”

Another act spoken of in hushed tones when speaking of Japanese shoegaze is Shojoskip, though until recently following up on their praise has been a bit tough. The co-ed outfit formed in 2007 and while streaming services have long had their two 2008 releases – Sweet Days and Her Last Kiss, their split album with […]

Whitelands – “Cheer”

Whitelands opened up the year with the best shoegaze debuts of the year in Night-Bound Eyes Are Blind To The Day, and clearly cognizant of the fact that time moves fast and memories are short, they’ve just released a new non-album single to remind you that their lush dreampop is some kind of delicious. Regarding […]

Hitsujibungaku – “Burning”

Tokyo trio Hitsujibungaku had their breakthrough – if you define breakthrough as coming onto my personal musical radar – with their 2023 single “More Than Words”, which aside from being an absolute earworm, was used to soundtrack the season-closing scene of immensely popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. It wasn’t the band’s first swing at soundtracking […]