Mint Field / Levitation Sessions

Without question, studio production is a big part of the dream-pop aesthetic – all those reverbs and delays need to be managed with a deft hand – but as Mexican duo Mint Field demonstrate, sometimes stripping things down and playing in a giant outdoor ceremonial square can also yield amazing results. They released their second […]

Daughter – “Be On Your Way”

It’s been five and a half years since the last full-length from Daughter; I’m counting the mostly-instrumental video game soundtrack Music From Before The Storm because I loved it, but if you insist on counting it a discography appendix, it’s been seven years. Either way, it’s not unusually long in this day and age, but […]

Dry Cleaning Live from Bandcamp HQ

I’m going to close out the week/ring in the holidays with this entirely non-seasonal video session that Dry Cleaning recorded for Bandcamp at their Oakland offices back in September. It was the first leg of their North American tour behind album number two, Stumpwork, even though the record wouldn’t be released for another month after […]