The Chameleons / Ascension

As one of their signature songs, finding a decent live video of The Chameleons playing “Swamp Thing” shouldn’t be as hard as it is, not including phone clips taken from their just-completed Deja Vu tour with The Mission over the last couple months; those shows were great and it’s wonderful that Mark and Reg are […]

The Chameleons – “Dali’s Picture”

It’s a bit of an odd thing to end up being the source of news about one of your favourite bands that you’d rather be reading about than writing, but here we are. The Chameleons continue their interesting/frustrating habit of putting out new releases without going to too much trouble to let people know about […]

The Chameleons / Edge Sessions

Interpersonal tensions aside, the passing of drummer John Lever in 2017 pretty much put an end to hopes for any kind of follow-up to The Chameleons‘ fourth album, 2001’s Why Call It Anything. Fans have done alright with finding things to buy thanks to a steady stream of reissues of their studio albums and ’80s […]