The Cure / Play Out

I said last week that I was working on a Cure post to coincide with the 30th anniversary reissue of Wish… well this is not that. I haven’t had a chance to touch it – and probably won’t for a bit – so I will say thanks to the band for bailing me out by […]

The Bandcamp Guide to Ride

I’m certain I’ve read more than one features where various members of Ride have offered their thoughts on various entries of their back catalog, but this one by Bandcamp is notable because it’s new, having been published just a couple weeks ago, and features commentary from all four band members. And as a bonus, it […]

The Tears – “Refugees”

Coming off of Suede’s astonishing North American tour-closing show at Massey Hall last Friday – Manics were also great, but Suede’s first Toronto show in a quarter-century owned the night – I was reminded of a time, not that long ago, when a Suede show anywhere, let alone a run of excellent new records, seemed […]

The Cure – “High”

I had something I was working on to coincide with today’s release – finally! – of the deluxe reissue of The Cure’s Wish, but as long as they’ve taken to get it out apparently wasn’t quite long enough for me to finish. So, as a little stopgap while I get that done, here’s the video […]

Fazerdaze – “Winter”

Yesterday brought the first appreciable snowfall of the season here in Toronto, and while it’s actually rolling over into Summer down in New Zealand, Fazerdaze’s Amelia Murray must have known. Why else would she choose the day to release the new video for “Winter”, taken from last month’s comeback EP Break!? Or maybe she knew […]

Low – “Shame”

A tremendous loss for music and humanity this weekend, as Mimi Parker of Duluth’s Low passed away from ovarian cancer. My tenure as a fan of Low began around 2001, circa Things We Lost In The Fire and Trust, when the band got just louder and faster to appeal to my rock-tuned ears. And while […]