Ride – “Chelsea Girl”

I’m still a bit high from Tuesday night’s superb Ride show here in Toronto – pics here – my first time seeing them in seven years, having missed their last two visits due to a conflict with a Massive Attack show and my son’s birthday. Sufficed to say, I didn’t want to miss this one. […]

Parannoul – “Gold River”

The most famous anonymous person in Korean indie – at least from the shoegazing perspective – is Parannoul. Hihs 2023 opus After The Magic continues to stand as a monument of the genre, at least in recent years, and last week he released what would appear to be his first new work since those sessions. […]

Miki Berenyi Trio – “Vertigo”

Having made their recorded debut with the appropriately transitional Lush cover a couple months ago, Miki Berenyi Trio have offered up their first taste of original music with “Vertigo”, which previews a full-length album the details of which are still forthcoming. Of the track, Berenyi says: ‘Vertigo’ is about anxiety and the efforts to talk […]

Tokyo Shoegazer – “Constellations”

And now, a farewell to Tokyo after two glorious and exhausting weeks with the most on-the-nose selection possible, by one of the most unashamedly on-the-nose acts around – Tokyo Shoegazer. This selection comes from their last full-length of new material, 2022’s Moonworld Playground (not counting last year’s re-recorded Turnaround) and while it’s my least favourite […]

COLLAPSE – “Underwater”

If there is any place on earth that is a physical manifestation of the Japanese dreampop/shoegaze scene, I think it would be Kōenji HIGH, a venue – or live house, as they call clubs here – in the northwest of Tokyo. They regularly host showcases from label/promoters Dreamwaves and Total Feedback, and by pure luck […]

Mono – “Oath”

This one’s a little bit of a cheat because I’ve been listening to MONO for years, and odds are if you’re here you know who they are, too. But you know, I’m totally okay with that. They recently announced their 12th album, Oath, which is due out on June 14, and while they’ve pretty well […]