Tallies – “No Dreams Of Fayres”

Dreampop fans who like their guitars chorused and the melodies buoyant would do well to not miss out on Patina, the just-released second record from Toronto’s Tallies. Any press around it will reference The Sundays, Smiths, and Cocteau Twins and the band would likely take these comparisons as sincere flattery (the “None more 4AD” artwork […]

Warpaint: From The Basement

Uber-producer Nigel Godrich recently revived his From The Basement web series, which captured full-length sessions from various bands who passed through his studio, and one of the first new ones is from Warpaint, presumably recorded this past May when they were in the UK touring their latest record Radiate Like This. I saw them in […]

Sorry – “Starstruck”

London’s Sorry would probably bristle at being simply described as “post-punk” – their glitchy, groovy, art-rock has so much more going on than that – but there’s no denying there’s a strong through-line from their sound and the experimental aesthetic of that original ’80s scene. Plus it justifies me posting about it, so I’ll go […]

Dry Cleaning – “Anna Calls From The Arctic”

Dry Cleaning have a pretty set formula – nonsensical, oft-hilarious observationals delivered in Florence Shaw’s deadpan sprechgesang overtop muscular rock guitar riffage – so you’d be forgiven if, when listening to this second preview of their forthcoming second album Stumpwork, you find you’ve spent the whole five minutes waiting for the muscular rock guitar riffage […]

Alvvays – “Pharmacist”

How set am I on not being overly “extra! Extra! Hot off the press!” with this here blog? Well, my favourite hometown band finally announces a new record after five years, and it takes me… almost three weeks to get around to posting it! Hey, things get busy around here. We are, of course, talking […]

Fazerdaze – “Come Apart”

Amelia Murray’s decision to take a break from everything in May 2018 seemed a little dramatic and concerning at the time, but it turns out she was just a couple years ahead of the rest of world in needing to just stay home for a while. In a press release, she reflects on the need […]

Mogwai / Black Bird

I’m not huge on film soundtracks or scores, even if they’re by artists I like, as their inherent background music-ness tends to not hold my interest. A strong exception to this is Mogwai, who obviously know a thing or two about making atmospheric instrumental music bracing and exciting. So when the band releases a soundtrack, […]