20 Years of Ladytron’s Light & Magic

Having begun their official Light & Magic 20th anniversary celebrations as an online-only affair last month with an unreleased video for the record’s title track, Ladytron have spent the past few weeks sharing more era rarities via various outlets, culminating in a Twitter listening party via Tim’s Twitter Listening Party this past Saturday, the record’s […]

Ladytron – “Light & Magic”

Carrying on with their career-long tradition of not being remotely appreciated enough, Ladytron are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their second album Light & Magic, as sublime a piece of electro-pop as has been created this century… and hardly anyone is noticing. The official date of the anniversary is September 17, and leading up to […]

Ladytron – “Ghosts”

So just as a heads up – over the holidays I went into a fairly deep synthesizer rabbit hole, both the music and the gear. So that’ll probably be informing a fair bit of what I’m posting for the next bit. Hope that’s okay, don’t really care if it’s not. We’ll start with a random […]