Beautiful Noise

DVDs are hardly the most collectible things these days – I wager a lot of people don’t have the technology to even play one if they wanted to – but I’ve finally gotten my hands back on one of my most precious digital video discs after a couple years where I almost wrote it off […]

Swervedriver Ranks Their Records

I’ve been trying to learn to play a few selections from Swervedriver’s back catalog lately and have really come to appreciate how unconventional Adam Franklin’s playing and writing style is. His musical brain is an interesting place to be, and I’ve been living in it and the Swervedriver oeuvre a fair bit of late. So […]

Swervedriver – “Duel”

Sometimes I’ll write a lot about a song I post, sometimes I won’t. Guess which time this is? It’s Swervedriver, and “Duel” the lead single from sophomore record Mezcal Head. Speaks for itself. But I will mention that I’ve found another guitar tutorial site with excellent taste in lessons. Swervedriver guitar parts are not easy […]

Creation Stories

I can’t say I was too invested in the artistic success of Creation Stories, the film adaptation of Creation Records honcho Alan McGee’s 2013 memoir Creation Stories: Riots, Raves, and Running a Label, but was at least hoping it would be a decent ’90s companion piece of sorts to 24 Hour Party People, Michael Winterbottom’s […]

The URL for may no longer exist was a meaningful internet entity – it now goes to the YouTube page for some guy who will teach you Led Zeppelin riffs – but in the early days of the web, it was a magical place for guit nerds like myself who were a) unhealthily obsessed […]