Kinoko Teikoku – “Tokyo”

Get yourself ready for some J-gaze/adjacent goodness as I head to Japan tomorrow for a two week jaunt across Tokyo and Osaka. In lieu of any sort of in-depth content, I’ll just stretch the equivalent of a playlist out over the duration, starting with one the godheads of the scene, Kinoko Teikoku. This tune, fitting […]

Kinoko Teikoku – “Where the Damage Isn’t Already Done”/”Kokudou Slope”, live in Toronto – May 2014

Following up from last month’s post bemoaning (again) my missing Kinoko Teikoku’s local shows back in 2014, a reader did me the favour/dagger twist of feeding me a video from the Rivoli show that I hadn’t included with the band nearly creating a musical singularity between 2005 me and 2024 me, covering The Radio Dept’s […]

きのこ帝国 -「海と花束」(Kinoko Teikoku – “Umi to Hanataba”)

Besides the fact that they’re one of the more internationally beloved and missed Japanese indie rock bans of the last while, any discussion around Kinoko Teikoku inevitably centers around their shift from Japanese indie UK.Project/Daizawa to global major EMI with 2015’s 猫とアレルギー (Nekoto Allergie), and the inevitable softening/broadening of their sound from their original shoegazey […]