Tallies – “No Dreams Of Fayres”

Dreampop fans who like their guitars chorused and the melodies buoyant would do well to not miss out on Patina, the just-released second record from Toronto’s Tallies. Any press around it will reference The Sundays, Smiths, and Cocteau Twins and the band would likely take these comparisons as sincere flattery (the “None more 4AD” artwork […]

Alvvays – “Pharmacist”

How set am I on not being overly “extra! Extra! Hot off the press!” with this here blog? Well, my favourite hometown band finally announces a new record after five years, and it takes me… almost three weeks to get around to posting it! Hey, things get busy around here. We are, of course, talking […]

The House Of Love – “Clouds”

That The House Of Love’s first new track in almost a decade doesn’t sound anything like their classic, first-run material probably shouldn’t be a surprise. Neither 2005’s Days Run Away or 2013’s She Paints Words In Red revisited the elegant dream-pop of their 20th century albums, despite the presence of original guitarist Terry Bickers in […]

Men I Trust – “Hard To Let Go”

Montreal’s Men I Trust have followed up on last year’s Untourable Album with their first new track of 2022. Maybe a little late, considering how prolific the trio typically are, but they’ve been kind of busy soaking in the irony of taking Untourable Album on the road for much of this year; they’ve just set […]

Cocteau Twins – “Crushed”

One of the great things about a band with the longevity and prolificness as Cocteau Twins is that even 25 years after they disbanded, there is still more of their music to be discovered. The flip side of that is that finding this new music can be maddening. For example, the song “Crushed”, which appears […]