Warpaint – “Lilys”

When Warpaint announced details of their fourth album Radiate Like This last month, I was a little surprised to not see “Lilys” in the tracklist, as was the first sign that the band were finally back in action after they wound down touring in support of Heads Up in late 2019. The song – and […]

Beach House – “Alien”

I’m a little ashamed it’s taken over a year for me to acknowledge one of the best purveyors of dreampop in the business hereabouts, but with Beach House releasing their eighth – and maybe best? – new record Once Twice Melody out today, here’s some Beach House love. “Alien” dates to the sessions for 2018’s […]

Belly – “Now They’ll Sleep”

Yesterday, February 13, marked the 27th anniversary of the release of Belly‘s second album King, and this surprises me a little bit. I remember very clearly walking to the HMV at University Plaza during my freshman year at Waterloo and buying my copy on CD the day of release, but I always thought that it […]

Warpaint – “Champion”

For those keeping track, that’s three much-anticipated new records just announced in the past week coming out at the end of April/start of May. Following news of new releases from Hatchie and Melody’s Echo Chamber, Los Angeles’ Warpaint yesterday released details of their fourth full-length and first since 2016’s Heads Up. Radiate Like This will […]

January – “Falling In”

I imagine the early aughts were an odd time to be a small, independent band. On one hand, the internet and its potential to reach a massive audience, had largely arrived. On the other, the technological infrastructure to support media, e-commerce, and everything besides just words and pictures on a screen, had frustratingly not. All […]

Hatchie – “Quicksand”

I’ve been waiting for details on the sophomore effort from Hariette Pilbeam – aka Hatchie – since lead single “This Enchanted” dropped back in September, and that patience was rewarded yesterday with a flurry of good news from Brisbane’s dreampop queen. First, the new record is called Giving The World Away and it will be […]