Iterations: The Sundays – “Here’s Where The Story Ends”

Iterations: The Sundays – “Here’s Where The Story Ends”

I haven’t done one of these Iterations posts in over half a year, so why not break the drought with a band that similarly hasn’t done anything in a long, long, long, long time – The Sundays!

Their signature song “Here’s Where The Story Ends” was the second single from their debut 1990 album Reading, Writing & Arithmetic and charted at number one on the US Modern Rock Tracks on account of a) getting a solid push from DGC records and b) being a glorious and irresistible song buoyed by David Gavurin’s jangling guitars and Harriet Wheeler’s soaring vocals. It wasn’t released as a single in their native UK because of label issues, but has since claimed its rightful place in history as one of the greatest songs of the ’90s.

This 1990 German TV appearance on Mambo TV is a lip-synch, sure, but it’s of a decent quality and a chance to see the band live and on stage, if not actually playing.

For “proper” live, here’s a clip of them in Seattle in March 1993 while touring Blind, fan-shot but decent enough given its provenance:

I won’t even try to get comprehensive with covers because the song is selfie-bait for any girl with a sweet voice and an acoustic guitar, but here’s a few I like and are relevant to this site’s interests.

First, Beabadoobee whose own work is so infused with the ’90s and who is almost a Harriet Wheeler vocal doppelganger here, playing an in-studio cover for SiriusXM last Summer. It’s an obvious cover, sure, but also a great one.

And if that’s the British artist covering the song in the US, here’s the inverse – Maggie Rogers playing a slowed down piano-led version last Summer, though she’s included it in her live shows for a long time now:

Going way back with the next selection, and Chinese-pop superstar Faye Wong, who included a cover on her 1994 album 討好自己 when she turned to western indie rock for inspiration. Here’s the album version and a live performance from 1998 whose exact origins would require research by someone with far better Chinese than mine (which is non-existent).

Interestingly, despite being one of the biggest Asian stars in the world not that long ago, seems to have zero official online presence. Maybe that explains why this post from 2021 about her Cocteau Twins collaborations still does the business?

And finally, a guitar lesson with on-screen tabs about how to play the song. It’s not hard, but I find these soothing.

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