Fazerdaze – “Flood Into”

Fazerdaze technically returned from the wild last Summer, with a handful of singles leading to the digital release of her Break! EP last October. But those who got their hands on the physical 12″ – released last Fall in Australia and the rest of the world just last week – found a little surprise in […]

Fazerdaze – “Winter”

Yesterday brought the first appreciable snowfall of the season here in Toronto, and while it’s actually rolling over into Summer down in New Zealand, Fazerdaze’s Amelia Murray must have known. Why else would she choose the day to release the new video for “Winter”, taken from last month’s comeback EP Break!? Or maybe she knew […]

Fazerdaze – “Come Apart”

Amelia Murray’s decision to take a break from everything in May 2018 seemed a little dramatic and concerning at the time, but it turns out she was just a couple years ahead of the rest of world in needing to just stay home for a while. In a press release, she reflects on the need […]