The House Of Love – “Clouds”

That The House Of Love’s first new track in almost a decade doesn’t sound anything like their classic, first-run material probably shouldn’t be a surprise. Neither 2005’s Days Run Away or 2013’s She Paints Words In Red revisited the elegant dream-pop of their 20th century albums, despite the presence of original guitarist Terry Bickers in […]

The House Of Love – “Marble”

Depending on who you ask A Spy In The House Of Love, the 1990 release from The House Of Love, is either a compilation of b-sides and rarities – this is what Wikipedia says – or the band’s unofficial third studio album – we’ll call this the Discogs reviews position. Guy Chadwick goes with the […]

mercvrial – “Be That Someone”

Brief Algorithms, the just-released second album from Mexican multi-hyphenate outfit mercvrial comes with an interesting hook for those unfamiliar with them – half the tracks feature guitarwork from twice-former House Of Love guitarist Terry Bickers. And it’s not a “Paul McCartney chewing celery” sort of cameo; his trademark shimmering tones can be heard all over […]