The Cure – “Charlotte Sometimes”

It’s a very busy week but it’s also Hallowe’en week so I’m just going to chuck some classic goth-y material at you to get through the month. We’ll start with The Cure and “Charlotte Sometimes”, a non-album, post-Faith single released in October 1981 and based on a 1969 children’s novel.

The Cure – “Fascination Street”

Simon Gallup has quit The Cure except no, he hasn’t quit The Cure. It’s unclear if in the months between point A and point B if he actually missed out on any work duties since the band aren’t touring and next album Live From The Moon was supposed to have been almost done since last […]

The Cure’s Pornography on #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Even though Robert Smith is on Twitter, he’s more about retweeting commentary on politics than chatting music (or maybe just avoiding questions on where the next Cure album is) so it fell on founding member and former drummer Lol Tolhurst to offer commentary on their 1982 record Pornography for #TimsTwitterListeningParty last October. The Cure / […]