The Cure / Play Out

The Cure / <em>Play Out</em>

I said last week that I was working on a Cure post to coincide with the 30th anniversary reissue of Wish… well this is not that. I haven’t had a chance to touch it – and probably won’t for a bit – so I will say thanks to the band for bailing me out by posting their own choice bit of content this week to mark the re-release.

Play Out was a live video released by the band in 1991, and rather than doing the conventional and documenting a single live performance or tour, it instead took a “week in the life of” approach, covering the band in January 1991:

Play Out follows the band as they perform new songs at a club gig, play Wembley Arena, appear on the Jonathan Ross show, rehearse for and perform their legendary MTV Unplugged show and receive the award for Best British Group at The Brit Awards.

The Cure release upgraded version of 1991 documentary ‘Play Out’ @ NME

Originally released on VHS, the entire hour set has been remastered and upscaled by the band, and is available for all to see on YouTube. And for the trainspotters, this is the complete version that was originally only available on UK and Japan VHS. A US LaserDisc edition had about a half hour of footage cut in order to fit hte format.

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