mercvrial – “Be That Someone”

Brief Algorithms, the just-released second album from Mexican multi-hyphenate outfit mercvrial comes with an interesting hook for those unfamiliar with them – half the tracks feature guitarwork from twice-former House Of Love guitarist Terry Bickers. And it’s not a “Paul McCartney chewing celery” sort of cameo; his trademark shimmering tones can be heard all over […]

Chapterhouse – “Pearl”

Chapterhouse have never seemed to have the best timing. Despite being key players in the “Scene That Celebrates Itself”, history has relegated them to also-ran status. Perhaps that’s because after representing a danceable bridge between shoegaze and baggy on their 1991 debut Whirlpool, they pivoted further into dance and psychedelia with 1993’s Blood Music, but […]

Curve – “Horror Head”

While Curve are usually named in the second tier of first-wave shoegaze bands, they haven’t gotten the same level of respect as their ’90s peers, despite arguably just as groundbreaking. They embraced electronic and dance textures earlier than most, and frontwoman Toni Halliday’s sexy/scary charisma set the template for many alt.rock rocks to follow. A […]

Ride – “Leave Them All Behind”

Last year, I marked the 29th anniversary of Ride’s Going Blank Again with a “Twisterella” post so this year – the much rounder 30th birthday – here’s the record’s opening track. While understandable that the video uses the radio edit – it’s doubtful the full eight-plus minutes would have cracked the UK top 10 – […]

Ulrich Schnauss – “Crazy For You”

Ulrich Schnauss‘ take on the centrepiece of Slowdive’s Pygmalion was one of the standout tracks on the uniformly excellent Blue Skied an’ Clear, a 2002 tribute album assembled by German electronica label Morr Music. I’m of the belief that this comp in no small part helped elevate that record from its initial status as career-ending […]