Kurayamisaka – “Farewell”

One of the buzzier new acts in the Japanese shoegaze/dreampop world has been Tokyo’s Kurayamisaka, who stormed onto the scene with their remarkably confident and evolved 2022 debut mini-alubm kimi wo omotte iru. Picking a standout track from the five and a half options is hard – opener “theme” is just a one-minute build-up, but […]

Ride – “Chelsea Girl”

I’m still a bit high from Tuesday night’s superb Ride show here in Toronto – pics here – my first time seeing them in seven years, having missed their last two visits due to a conflict with a Massive Attack show and my son’s birthday. Sufficed to say, I didn’t want to miss this one. […]

Parannoul – “Gold River”

The most famous anonymous person in Korean indie – at least from the shoegazing perspective – is Parannoul. Hihs 2023 opus After The Magic continues to stand as a monument of the genre, at least in recent years, and last week he released what would appear to be his first new work since those sessions. […]

Miki Berenyi Trio – “Vertigo”

Having made their recorded debut with the appropriately transitional Lush cover a couple months ago, Miki Berenyi Trio have offered up their first taste of original music with “Vertigo”, which previews a full-length album the details of which are still forthcoming. Of the track, Berenyi says: ‘Vertigo’ is about anxiety and the efforts to talk […]

Tokyo Shoegazer – “Constellations”

And now, a farewell to Tokyo after two glorious and exhausting weeks with the most on-the-nose selection possible, by one of the most unashamedly on-the-nose acts around – Tokyo Shoegazer. This selection comes from their last full-length of new material, 2022’s Moonworld Playground (not counting last year’s re-recorded Turnaround) and while it’s my least favourite […]

COLLAPSE – “Underwater”

If there is any place on earth that is a physical manifestation of the Japanese dreampop/shoegaze scene, I think it would be Kōenji HIGH, a venue – or live house, as they call clubs here – in the northwest of Tokyo. They regularly host showcases from label/promoters Dreamwaves and Total Feedback, and by pure luck […]

re:lapse – “Angelo”

I don’t know much about re:lapse, save for the fact that all the members have previous tours of duty in other bands in the Tokyo shoegaze scene and they’ve put out a series of terrific EPs since the Fall 2021, helpfully self-titled and sequentially numbered. The first was a pleasant if rather unremarkable slice of […]