Mono – “Oath”

This one’s a little bit of a cheat because I’ve been listening to MONO for years, and odds are if you’re here you know who they are, too. But you know, I’m totally okay with that. They recently announced their 12th album, Oath, which is due out on June 14, and while they’ve pretty well […]

Mogwai / Black Bird

I’m not huge on film soundtracks or scores, even if they’re by artists I like, as their inherent background music-ness tends to not hold my interest. A strong exception to this is Mogwai, who obviously know a thing or two about making atmospheric instrumental music bracing and exciting. So when the band releases a soundtrack, […]

Mogwai – “Boltfor”

Mogwai wrapped their Spring North American tour in support of As The Love Continues this past weekend, and as a parting gift, they’ve released a new, non-album track along with video. Recording of it began alongside the rest of the Continues material at VADA Studios near Birmingham, England, but wasn’t completed until last month at […]

Mogwai – “Coolverine”

Tonight, I’ll be seeing Mogwai for the eighth time, but the first in over five years and the first time touring behind a regular studio album in a decade. That January 2017 show was for their 2016 soundtrack Atomic, which I loved and was thrilled to hear performed front to back, but it’s a different […]

Blue Skied An’ Clear: An appreciation of Slowdive’s Pygmalion

Conventional wisdom holds that Slowdive’s second album Souvlaki is their masterpiece – certainly it’s my go-to of their catalog – but the critical re-evaluation Pygmalion – their once-but-no-longer swan song – has gotten over the past quarter-century is pretty remarkable. On its initial release in February of 1995, it seemed to be cursed. Drummer Simon […]