Mono – “Oath”

Mono – “Oath”

This one’s a little bit of a cheat because I’ve been listening to MONO for years, and odds are if you’re here you know who they are, too. But you know, I’m totally okay with that. They recently announced their 12th album, Oath, which is due out on June 14, and while they’ve pretty well established their template over the quarter-century of their existence – gorgeous orchestrally-accented epic-scale post-rock – they are pitching the new release thusly:

“What are we doing here?”

The year 2020 turned what was once quintessential late-night stoner existentialism into a daily mantra for nearly everyone on this planet. What are we doing with our limited time in this life? What is our purpose? What should we be doing?

For the past 25 years, MONO have explored themes such as the relationship between darkness and light; hope in the face of disaster; and the duality of birth and death. On their 12th full-length album, OATH, they ponder the time that makes up life, and how to make the most of that time.

MONO / Oath @ Bandcamp

They just released the first video from the album for the title track, and it’s framed as a collaboration with effects pedal manufacturer Earthquaker Devices, who have a history of creative relationships with loud Japanese guitar bands:

The music video for the first single and the title track of the album “Oath” was collaborated with one of the band’s endorsers, EarthQuaker Devices, and was filmed during the recording session of the new album, recorded and mixed by one of the band’s longtime collaborators, Steve Albini, at Electrical Audio.

I guess we’re in for some long, lingering shots of Taka and Yoda’s pedalboards. I’ll get my popcorn.

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