Pale Saints – “Kinky Love”

I get the 30th anniversary re-release of Pale Saints‘ 1990 debut The Comforts Of Madness in 2020 because it was the band’s most celebrated work – of three albums total, sure – but that the follow-up, In Ribbons, would get the same treatment is a pleasant surprise. Well technically it’s a 31st anniversary release – […]

Slowdive – “Sugar For The Pill”, live at Royal Palms Shuffleboard, Brooklyn – May 2017

Happy Slowdive release day! everything is alive, the band’s fifth full-length, is out today and while I was going to post a full show recording – there’s still a few out there I haven’t shared – I came across this one-song session the band did for NPR that I seem to have missed completely six […]

Catherine Wheel – “Crank”

Catherine Wheel continue to not give the people what they want, but at least they’re giving the people something. The band’s first three albums -1992’s Ferment, 1993’s Chrome, and 1995’s Happy Days – were all reissued on heavyweight vinyl last week by Proper Records. Sure, they’d all been been given Music On Vinyl pressings in […]

Flyying Colours – “Goodbye To Music”

A fixture of current shoegaze/dreampop recommendations, it took me a little while to come around to Melbourne’s Flyying Colours – not because they’re difficult, but because they’re most decidedly not. Their take on the genre is groovy and easy – major key melodies, suitably fuzzy guitar riffs, and Brodie J Brümmer’s and Gemma O’Connor’s chill […]