Simon Rowe – “Over & Over”

Simon Rowe’s shoegaze and dreampop credentials are unassailable, having been guitarist in both Chapterhouse and Mojave 3, and while it’s been some time since his guitar has been heard from, he’s preparing his solo debut Everybody’s Thinking for release at the very break of the new year, January 4, 2023. The official word on the […]

Chapterhouse – “Pearl”

Chapterhouse have never seemed to have the best timing. Despite being key players in the “Scene That Celebrates Itself”, history has relegated them to also-ran status. Perhaps that’s because after representing a danceable bridge between shoegaze and baggy on their 1991 debut Whirlpool, they pivoted further into dance and psychedelia with 1993’s Blood Music, but […]

Beautiful Noise

DVDs are hardly the most collectible things these days – I wager a lot of people don’t have the technology to even play one if they wanted to – but I’ve finally gotten my hands back on one of my most precious digital video discs after a couple years where I almost wrote it off […]

The URL for may no longer exist was a meaningful internet entity – it now goes to the YouTube page for some guy who will teach you Led Zeppelin riffs – but in the early days of the web, it was a magical place for guit nerds like myself who were a) unhealthily obsessed […]