Ride – “Peace Sign”

That Ride have been sitting on a finished new album for some time isn’t a secret; it’s been in the can since at least early Fall. But perhaps they wanted to wait until the attention around Slowdive’s new record had crested – at least initially – before raising their hand. In any case, they’re welcoming […]

The Bandcamp Guide to Ride

I’m certain I’ve read more than one features where various members of Ride have offered their thoughts on various entries of their back catalog, but this one by Bandcamp is notable because it’s new, having been published just a couple weeks ago, and features commentary from all four band members. And as a bonus, it […]

Ride / Waves

Back catalog reissues from Ride have come over the past years in drips and drabs – Nowhere was re-pressed on wax in 2010 and 2015, Going Blank Again in 2012, and all as limited editions – but today marks the first widely-available, multi-title reissue campaign for the band. The band’s first four EPs – Ride, […]

Ride – “Birdman”

The common narrative for the first era of Ride is their early EPs and 1990 debut Nowhere are the hallowed records and shoegaze blueprints, 1992’s Going Blank Again perfecting the balance of noise and pop, but 1996’s Tarantula and their attempts to pivot to Britpop was too late and too bad, putting the band on […]

Ride – “Leave Them All Behind”

Last year, I marked the 29th anniversary of Ride’s Going Blank Again with a “Twisterella” post so this year – the much rounder 30th birthday – here’s the record’s opening track. While understandable that the video uses the radio edit – it’s doubtful the full eight-plus minutes would have cracked the UK top 10 – […]

Beautiful Noise

DVDs are hardly the most collectible things these days – I wager a lot of people don’t have the technology to even play one if they wanted to – but I’ve finally gotten my hands back on one of my most precious digital video discs after a couple years where I almost wrote it off […]