Ride – “Leave Them All Behind”

Last year, I marked the 29th anniversary of Ride’s Going Blank Again with a “Twisterella” post so this year – the much rounder 30th birthday – here’s the record’s opening track. While understandable that the video uses the radio edit – it’s doubtful the full eight-plus minutes would have cracked the UK top 10 – […]

Beautiful Noise

DVDs are hardly the most collectible things these days – I wager a lot of people don’t have the technology to even play one if they wanted to – but I’ve finally gotten my hands back on one of my most precious digital video discs after a couple years where I almost wrote it off […]

Ride’s Nowhere on #TimsTwitterListeningParty

The 30th anniversary of Ride’s debut Nowhere was technically last October, but Autumn 2020 was hardly a time where anyone anywhere felt like celebrating anything. It’s debatable how good things are a year on, but they’re definitely better, so if they want to treat the record’s 31st birthday as a do-over for the 30th, that’s […]

Ride / Today Forever

I have Sonic Cathedral’s 1991: The Year Shoegaze Broke rolling blog for inspiring this post, because without their March 25 entry, I never would have known that my favourite Ride release actually had an accompanying VHS/Laserdisc release and that all four songs on it had an accompanying video. The EP itself is long out of […]

Creation Stories

I can’t say I was too invested in the artistic success of Creation Stories, the film adaptation of Creation Records honcho Alan McGee’s 2013 memoir Creation Stories: Riots, Raves, and Running a Label, but was at least hoping it would be a decent ’90s companion piece of sorts to 24 Hour Party People, Michael Winterbottom’s […]