Ride – “Chelsea Girl”

Ride – “Chelsea Girl”

I’m still a bit high from Tuesday night’s superb Ride show here in Toronto – pics here – my first time seeing them in seven years, having missed their last two visits due to a conflict with a Massive Attack show and my son’s birthday. Sufficed to say, I didn’t want to miss this one. And it was a great show, evenly balancing new material from their new album Interplay with a healthy dose of classic material.

Usually parking oneself in front of the guitarist’s half-stack is a bad idea, but on this night it was the best idea as Andy Bell was getting some of the very best live guitar sound I’ve ever heard and it was all in my face. Mark Gardener’s guitar also sounded fine, but I’m pretty sure he was going direct through amp simulators so there wasn’t the direct stage sound to enjoy.

Their final song was their first song from their first self-titled EP, “Chelsea Girl”, and it made me realize I’ve never seen the video from it. Maybe you haven’t either. Here it is, all youth and fringe and radio edit.

And while I’m here, a couple recent interviews with the band. A gear-centric one with Mark Gardener about the making of Interplay with Future Music:

Ride’s Mark Gardener: “I’m definitely a gear nerd, but I had to stop otherwise I’d have gone bankrupt” @ Future Music via MusicRadar

And Loz Colbert takes a turn in the interviewee chair with Atwood Music:

“We are ultimately pioneers of our own sound”: Oxford Legends Ride Discuss Their Adventurous 7th Album ‘Interplay’ @ Atwood Music

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