Mogwai / Black Bird

Mogwai / <em>Black Bird</em>

I’m not huge on film soundtracks or scores, even if they’re by artists I like, as their inherent background music-ness tends to not hold my interest. A strong exception to this is Mogwai, who obviously know a thing or two about making atmospheric instrumental music bracing and exciting. So when the band releases a soundtrack, I’m almost as excited for it as I am their “proper” studio records.

Their latest is for the AppleTV prison drama Black Bird, which stars Taron Egerton and retells the true story of James Keene and is also notable for being one of Ray Liotta’s final performance. I’ve not seen the show, but I’ve already given the soundtrack multiple listens; it’s pretty punchy as Mogwai sountracks go – certainly moreso than, say, Zidane.

Accompanying the soundtrack’s release was this brief quote from Stuart Braithwaite:

“Working on ‘Black Bird’ was a real honour and a challenge. The story is incredibly intense and wonderfully performed. We’re excited about everyone getting to see it.”

Stuart Braithwaite, Mogwai

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