Still Corners – “Secret World”

Anglo-American dreampop duo Still Corners have returned with details of their sixth full-length: Dream Talk, with its so very on-the-nose artwork, will be out on April 5 and has been previewed with first single “Secret World”. Frontwoman Tessa Murray describes the song as: Sometimes the thought of someone, wanting to know them, get into their […]

RAY – “Fading Lights”

Shoegaze and J-Pop don’t initially seem like the most obvious of bedfellows but it turns out that loud, churning guitars and the super-saccharine sound of Japanese idol groups can be like chocolate and peanut butter. At least that’s the case for the premier – and maybe only – J-pop idol/shoegaze crossover act I know of, […]

Ozean – “Fall”

Posting about San Jose’s ’90s dreampop blip Ozean back in July wasn’t meant to be anything than a “this existed forever ago and is worth a listen”, but it’s turned out to be just a little bit prescient. Archival label Numero Group, who’ve done a terrific job of unearthing and rereleasing everyone’s favourite out-of-print college […]

Manic Sheep – “Tawdry Clip”

Taipei’s Manic Sheep can reasonably lay claim to the title of best shoegaze/noisepop band in Taiwan, and even though they’ve not released a new full-length since 2016’s Brooklyn – which yielded the delicious “No More Anger” – but have remained in the “active” column with some extended plays over the last few years. Deep Dusk‘s […]

Slowdive – “The Slab”

I’m going to try and not think about this third preview of Slowdive’s forthcoming everything is alive as meaning that we’ve now already heard more than a third of the new record. I’m just going to enjoy another day with new Slowdive music. This one is the final track of alive and unlike “Falling Ashes”, […]