Fazerdaze – “Little Uneasy”

Fazerdaze – “Little Uneasy”
Fazerdaze - "Little Uneasy"

Four years have passed since New Zealand’s Amelia Murray – aka Fazerdaze – released her debut album Morningside, and just a little over three since she cut the promotional duties for the record short in May 2018, citing mental health and needing to focus on writing new material, and locked her socials down.

She resurfaced in early 2020 and began booking shows but obviously those didn’t happen. By December, she made it sound like new material was imminent. There was a collaboration with New Zealand’s Phoenix Foundation in February, but as for her own works? We wait, and hang out in the daydream-pop majesty of Morningside.

“Little Uneasy” was one of two songs on the record that were recorded in a professional studio, rather than Murray’s bedroom. She describes it as being about:

“I think I subconsciously wrote it about my high school boyfriend – the push and pull of needing to say goodbye to each other and to move forwards with our lives.”

Cathartic melancholy: Fazerdaze, AKA Amelia Murray, talks about the making of Morningside @ The Honeycombers

And thus imbues the video – a single, continuous shot of Murray skateboarding down a road – with loads of symbolism. Or not.

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