Ride’s Nowhere on #TimsTwitterListeningParty

The 30th anniversary of Ride’s debut Nowhere was technically last October, but Autumn 2020 was hardly a time where anyone anywhere felt like celebrating anything. It’s debatable how good things are a year on, but they’re definitely better, so if they want to treat the record’s 31st birthday as a do-over for the 30th, that’s […]

The Women of Roxy Music

I was originally just going to share the one article I’d found on the topic of Roxy Music and the models that graced the covers of almost all their albums, but just a little digging revealed that the topic was a well-covered one. Which makes sense, as the visuals of Roxy Music in the ’70s […]

Swervedriver Ranks Their Records

I’ve been trying to learn to play a few selections from Swervedriver’s back catalog lately and have really come to appreciate how unconventional Adam Franklin’s playing and writing style is. His musical brain is an interesting place to be, and I’ve been living in it and the Swervedriver oeuvre a fair bit of late. So […]