For Fans Of: Lush at Bandcamp Daily

Bandcamp’s editorial department might have been gutted recently, but it’s some comfort to know that what remains is still putting out good content, at least for the moment. For example, last week they published this piece that used the recent Lush reissues as a starting point to guide readers through some very good and thoughtful […]

Be Forest / Audiotree Live

If Italian trio Be Forest are no longer – a reasonable thing to infer from the fact that their socials have been quiet since 2021 – they leave behind three solid records released over a decade, the most recent of which, 2019’s Knockturne, is as fine an example of icily atmospheric post-punk as you’ll find […]

Baby Formula / Baby Formula

Another one from the depths of obscurity, but this one doesn’t have the same backstory of discovery that Ozean did… in fact there’s no backstory at all, which makes it more compelling/frustrating. About all that’s known about Baby Formula is on their Bandcamp page, and that they’re from Beijing, China and released their debut self-titled […]


If you’re the sort to have gone on expeditions for new music of the shoegaze/dreampop variety beyond the usual suspects over the past, oh, quarter century or so, you’ve probably heard the name Ozean, probably spoken of in hushed tones (or whatever the equivalent of hushed tones on Usenet boards was). An outfit from the […]

The Cure – “A Forest”

A little retroactive housekeeping today, the day I finally cross The Cure off my live bucket list. I’ve done a couple posts focusing on their Seventeen Seconds classic “A Forest”, but both have some notable content omissions I’m rectifying now. One of my earliest posts was a live clip from 1981 of the band playing […]