Slowdive, live on Echoes with Jehnny Beth, November 2023

Slowdive, live on <em>Echoes with Jehnny Beth</em>, November 2023

A couple of Slowdive items to share as the band wrap their Asian tour in support of everything is alive, and take a breather before hitting the road again later next month for US markets they didn’t cover last Fall.

First, a live in-studio with audience show the band recorded in Paris last Fall for Echoes, the French television programme hosted by ex-Savages frontwoman Jehenny Beth. It’s on YouTube but not embeddable, so if you want to watch an intimate and exquisitely-shot performance with some interviews intercut, make with the clicky.

Slowdive, live on Echoes with Jehnny Beth

Further, NME grabbed an interview with the band in Singapore last week and the discussed some of the more recently topical matters of the band – like the fandom of video game god Hideo Kojima and their “one of these things is not like the other” presence on the lineup of metal festival Sick New World in Las Vegas next month – as well as the usual talking points of the new record (young fans, TikTok, etc):

We were asked to play by the promoter. And we were like, ‘Yeah, don’t be silly!’ Metal fans aren’t gonna like it. Then they were like, ‘Watch, there’s this big crossover, blah, blah, blah’. So why not, you know? [Do] something completely different. Neil was a little bit nervous, he’s like, ‘I hope they don’t put us on the same stage as Slipknot!’ [Laughs] I’m sure it’ll be an experience. But yeah, [it’s] something completely wildly out of our comfort zone.

Rachel Goswell, Slowdive
Slowdive: “A young teenage audience was the last thing we expected when we reformed” @ NME

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