Ride – “Last Frontier”

Ride – “Last Frontier”

Ride were not kidding when they said their new album Interplay would be a tribute of sorts to the New Wave sounds they grew up on but consciously kept out of their music till now. The second preview of the record, which comes out on March 29, wears the Modern English and New Order pins on their jean jackets proudly.

Of the song, Andy Bell says:

This was the runt of the litter of the very first jam session from Mark’s OX4 Studio, and I didn’t even include it on my shortlist of the best tracks. It was our producer, Richie Kennedy, who saw the potential of the song, and we attacked this with a vengeance at Vada studio. A complete revamp of the backing track and arrangement was needed and we took it right back to basics, more towards a pounding Joy Division feel.

For the topline, I tried improvising at the mic, singing it all different ways, and coming up with new parts on the spot. I felt really exposed but kind of said to myself, ‘you’re among friends, it’s good to push yourself to try new ways to write.’ It feels different to every vocal I’ve ever done. It’s still a new way of working for me but it’s something I want to continue trying as I think it makes for better vocal lines; a good mixture of written and improvised.”

Andy Bell, Ride
Ride Share New Song “Last Frontier” and Announce New Tour Dates @ Under The Radar

The band also announced this week their touring plans in support of the new record, and their local date doesn’t conflict with anything! I’m excited to finally see them again for the first time in seven years, after missing their last two visits for various reasons.

The press cycle for the record is also just starting to spool up; Steve Queralt offered up his top ten shoegaze songs to DMY, and while the artists are mostly the usual suspects, the song selections aren’t quite so obvious and really, it’s the commentary that’s the point.

10 Best Shoegaze Classics, according to Ride @ DMY

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