Spiritualized – “I’m Coming Home Again” (live)

Spiritualized released their new album Everything Was Beautiful last Friday (though I’ve yet to see the regular edition vinyl in stock anywhere), and whereas the previously-released official videos kind of came across like extended commercials with the album art superimposed over random video imagery – I guess the days of dropping Jason Pierce into a […]

Mogwai – “Coolverine”

Tonight, I’ll be seeing Mogwai for the eighth time, but the first in over five years and the first time touring behind a regular studio album in a decade. That January 2017 show was for their 2016 soundtrack Atomic, which I loved and was thrilled to hear performed front to back, but it’s a different […]

Chapterhouse – “Pearl”

Chapterhouse have never seemed to have the best timing. Despite being key players in the “Scene That Celebrates Itself”, history has relegated them to also-ran status. Perhaps that’s because after representing a danceable bridge between shoegaze and baggy on their 1991 debut Whirlpool, they pivoted further into dance and psychedelia with 1993’s Blood Music, but […]

Siouxsie & The Banshees / Nocturne

It’s no esoteric bit of trivia that The Cure’s Robert Smith joined Siouxsie & The Banshees in 1983, stepping in on guitar after John McGeoch left in October 1982 following a nervous breakdown just prior to the release of A Kiss In The Dreamhouse. This was the second time he joined the Banshees, having previously […]