Ride – “Monaco”

We’re two weeks out from the release of Ride’s new album Interplay, which means it’s time for another sneak peak. This time, it’s “Monaco”, which further affirms the new record will be upbeat and synthy and I am here for it. Mark Gardener recently gave an expansive interview to Under The Radar about the coming […]

The Making of Luna’s Penthouse

Here’s one to put on in the background while you do other things – an interview Dean Wareham gave to the Life Of The Record podcast back in 2021 about the making of Luna’s majestic 1995 album Penthouse on the occasion of the album’s 25th anniversary. Well it’s not an interview, really, but 45 minutes […]

Bloc Party – “Two More Years”

Despite being perfectly timed to do so, I didn’t really participate in the initial wave of hype around the mid-aughts UK post-punk revival, and it remains one of my music blogger regrets because I would come to really love some of those records, not least among them the first Bloc Party record, 2004’s Silent Radar; […]

DIIV – “Soul-Net”

Brooklyn’s DIIV announced their fourth album Frog In Boiling Water – first since 2019’s Deceiver – last week with the chilled-out dirge “Brown Paper Bag”, but they first previewed the new record way back in October while in the midst of their tour supporting Depeche Mode. They dropped the website soul-net.co, a Geocities-saluting doomscrolling eyesore, […]