The Clientele – “Blue Over Blue”

It’s a good day when you’re reminded that The Clientele remain an active concern. Their last musical dispatch came in 2020 with “Orpheus Beach”, a one-off Go-Beetweens cover, so it’s a good start to the week when you receive news that they’re returning with a new album – their first since 2017’s Music For The […]

Manic Sheep – “No More Anger”

Just in case you think my explorations of Asian shoegazers is limited to acts coming out of Japan, I direct you to Manic Sheep, who hail from Taipei, Taiwan. “No More Anger” was a single taken from their second album, 2016’s Brooklyn, and if the Ameri-centric album title wasn’t a tip off, there’s very little […]

New Order – “Elegia”

It’s probably overstating things to call “Elegia” one of New Order’s signature tracks – it’s too much of a stylistic outlier for that – but it is one of their most notable and memorable. Opening up side two of 1985’s Low-Life, it’s an elegiac instrumental that bridges the far poppier halves of the album with […]

Cocteau Twins – “Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops”

Here’s another instalment in the series I’ll call “Cocteau for Cocteau’s sake”, where I’ll just throw some Cocteau Twins material out there because doing so makes the world a marginally better place. Wikipedia says that the band had two videos before this one, taken from 1984’s The Spangle Maker EP, but I can’t find it […]