Manic Sheep – “Tawdry Clip”

Taipei’s Manic Sheep can reasonably lay claim to the title of best shoegaze/noisepop band in Taiwan, and even though they’ve not released a new full-length since 2016’s Brooklyn – which yielded the delicious “No More Anger” – but have remained in the “active” column with some extended plays over the last few years. Deep Dusk‘s […]

Manic Sheep – “No More Anger”

Just in case you think my explorations of Asian shoegazers is limited to acts coming out of Japan, I direct you to Manic Sheep, who hail from Taipei, Taiwan. “No More Anger” was a single taken from their second album, 2016’s Brooklyn, and if the Ameri-centric album title wasn’t a tip off, there’s very little […]