Reverb talks songwriting with Japanese Breakfast’s main purpose is as a music gear marketplace, responsible for inciting poor decision making from impulse control-deficient musicians (I’m looking at you, me). But they also maintain a respectable editorial department, and so there’s pieces like this March 2018 interview with Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast about her second album, Sad Songs From Another […]

Choux – “Super Moon”

Choux are a Canadian-American duo comprised of Montreal’s Lizzie Carolan and Minneapolis’ Jordan Gatesmith. The title track of their 2020 debut mini-album cops some ridiculous Elizabeth Fraser vibes and while the rest doesn’t go so straight Cocteaus, it’s beautiful dream-pop, front to back.

Repeat Rate, Intensity, Echo Volume

Hello, is this thing on? Yes? Okay. So this is a blog. I’ve decided to blog again. Those who’ve continued to follow me on the socials might argue I never really stopped – and that’s a fair point – but may as well make it official. When I took down the chromewaves shingle, I was […]