Cocteau Twins – “Seekers Who Are Lovers” on The White Room, 1996

Cocteau Twins – “Seekers Who Are Lovers” on <i>The White Room</i>, 1996
Cocteau Twins on The White Room

Thanks to Cocteau Twins Simon Raymonde for taking care of doing all the background on this post, via the band’s Facebook page. It’s also cool to note that in addition to their official website being an active, living archive of everything about the band, their socials are also being kept active by a member of the band, no less.

Happy 25th anniv to Milk & Kisses, our final bow as Cocteau Twins. It has its detractors even now so it’s a date that will sadly pass without any fanfare. Around the release we found a good ally in Mark from Seefeel who worked on the Otherness Ep & some live shows incl this rare tv performance which was a hybrid of the studio LP version and the Otherness rework. We had very little time to prepare or rehearse this and to a degree it felt fresh and thrilling to have the shackles off in terms of improvising off the cuff (winging it!)

It was never performed like this again live. I was just ‘feeling’ the bass part here really, the structure was very loose. We only rehearsed it once like this at the tv show in the morning. Not at all like usual live CT fare so from that perspective it’s an interesting footnote.

Simon Raymonde

All respect to Raymonde’s YouTube hunting skills, but this version of the performance is far superior in quality to the one he posted.

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