Mint Field / Levitation Sessions

Mint Field / <em>Levitation Sessions</em>

Without question, studio production is a big part of the dream-pop aesthetic – all those reverbs and delays need to be managed with a deft hand – but as Mexican duo Mint Field demonstrate, sometimes stripping things down and playing in a giant outdoor ceremonial square can also yield amazing results.

They released their second album Sentimiento Mundial in the Fall of 2020, but obviously with it being peak pandemic, were unable to tour it. Enter Austin psych festival/label Levitation, and more specifically their Levitation Sessions series. They set the band up at the Centro Ceremonial Otomí, just outside of Mexico City, and recorded them performing their new record in an otherworldly setting.

Said the band:

“We wanted to record this session to capture the momentum of the band. We barely had a chance to play Sentimiento Mundial due to the pandemic, so we wanted to channel all of our desires to play live in a memorable session. Playing live at Centro Ceremonial Otomí was unforgettable for all of us, the place has such unique energy. It has been the most beautiful and magical place we’ve ever played at.”

Mint Field

The sessions were released as an album last Spring, and the full video – complete with stunning drone footage of the venue – was released into the wild at the end of last year. It’s great to listen to, but also to watch.

Mint Field are a new discovery to me, only coming on my radar when they announced a short tour as a duo for next month (coming from Mexico to Toronto in February? Um, okay) but I’ve quickly gotten kind of obsessed – their balance of dreamy vocals and cascading guitars are right up my alley. They can also get nicely Krautrock-y, but given that this tour is drummerless, I won’t expect too much of that. That’s okay.

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