Still Corners – “Berlin Lovers”

Still Corners – “Berlin Lovers”
Still Corners band photo

Still Corners are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their second album Strange Pleasures today with a remastered reissue. It’s a record that marked their pivot from a band crafting retro, cinematic dreampop into a duo exploring more synthesized territory and marked an unwillingness to stay in one stylistic spot for too long, a trait that would be evident over their next decade.

“Berlin Lovers” was the second video released from the record, following “Fireflies” which I linked earlier this year, and features band principles Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes as roller rink employees and chaperones to a young couple because why not.

Hughes discussed the making of the video in conversation with Northern Transmissions in 2013:

NT: How much fun was making Berlin Lovers?

GH: It was fantastic. Lily and Arlo, the two young skaters, were really lovely and we had a great time. We both really love what Christian the director did with it. I called him with this idea of doing a roller skating video and it never occurred to me to ask whether he could roller skate. We popped out for lunch and came back and Christian was skating at 50 mph around Lily doing these amazing swooping shots, I couldn’t believe it. Then he quite causally dropped that he had been roller skating for ages. He did a few 360’s off the bench in the rink too.

Interview With Greg From Still Corners @ Northern Transmissions

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