Baby Formula / Baby Formula

Baby Formula / <em>Baby Formula</em>

Another one from the depths of obscurity, but this one doesn’t have the same backstory of discovery that Ozean did… in fact there’s no backstory at all, which makes it more compelling/frustrating. About all that’s known about Baby Formula is on their Bandcamp page, and that they’re from Beijing, China and released their debut self-titled album on October 13, 2013 on Bandcamp and nowhere else. Their page adds a little more detail from an unknown source:

Young and awesome 3-piece band from Beijing, China. They spent just one year from creating a band to releasing their first album. Their shoegaze/dream pop music is fresh, clean and peaceful. “At the moment you listen to these songs they were no longer belong to us.”

Baby Formula @

And that’s it. Except for the music, and maybe the music is enough. Baby Formula is by turns a gentle hug or a bracing joyride, but always coming from a place of fuzzy warmth, a sweater knit from keyboards, guitars, and drum machines and soft co-ed vocals. They sing in Mandarin, but the vibe is universal. An immediate touchpoint is Lesser Matters-era Radio Dept, which to anyone who knows me is the highest possible compliment.

A decade on, it seems unlikely we’ll ever hear anything more from them, but I do wonder if clicking on the “Contact Baby Formula” link would accomplish anything – those Bandcamp cheques must be going somewhere. But maybe it’s just better to leave the mystery intact.

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