The American Analog Set / You Don’t Want Me to Arrive, Do You

The American Analog Set / <em>You Don’t Want Me to Arrive, Do You</em>

I’m sure it’s pure coincidence, but the day that The American Analog Set’s latest LP For Forever finally arrived – I had it on preorder from three different retailers, and none were able to fulfill for a month and a half – Numero Group finally unveiled specifics of the long-discussed box set for the Austin slowcore pioneers.

As appears to be their MO, they’d dropped a few unreleased tracks over the last few months with little to no context, but now we know: New Drifters will be released on February 9 and consist of five LPs: the band’s three 20th century studio albums recorded for Emperor Norton – 1996’s The Fun of Watching Fireworks, 1997’s From Our Living Room to Yours, and 1999’s The Golden Band – and two further discs of unreleased material. I see a lot of 2001’s Through The ’90s: Singles and Unreleased compilation represented, though renamed Nine Legend Road, and a few further rarities which have been trotted out as release previews on streaming, bundled as the You Don’t Want Me To Arrive, Do You EP.

The set also has a nifty little trailer if that influences your spending:

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