The Clientele – “Blue Over Blue”

It’s a good day when you’re reminded that The Clientele remain an active concern. Their last musical dispatch came in 2020 with “Orpheus Beach”, a one-off Go-Beetweens cover, so it’s a good start to the week when you receive news that they’re returning with a new album – their first since 2017’s Music For The […]

The Clientele – “Reflections After Jane”

While 2003’s The Violet Hour is technically The Clientele’s full-length debut, it’s 2000’s Suburban Light, which collected two years’ worth of singles, EPs, and compilation appearances that made their name and gets them the most praise. It’s also the only one of them still available vinyl, as it was reissued for its 25th anniversary in […]

The URL for may no longer exist was a meaningful internet entity – it now goes to the YouTube page for some guy who will teach you Led Zeppelin riffs – but in the early days of the web, it was a magical place for guit nerds like myself who were a) unhealthily obsessed […]