The Making Of The House Of Love

The Making Of <i>The House Of Love</i>
The House Of Love by Suzie Gibbons

To mark the 30th anniversary of The House Of Love’s self-titled debut and its four millionth re-release (this time a 5-CD set comprising the album, b-sides, demos, the John Peel Sessions already released in 2000, and an era-correct collection of live tracks), Cherry Red Records sat Guy Chadwick and Terry Bickers down on a patio in 2018 to discuss the making of the album.

The band had planned to mark the said anniversary with their first North American tour in forever last year, but that obviously did not go as planned. However, the band are undeterred and are planning to reschedule for this Fall, pandemic allowing, and will also be releasing a new album entitled A State Of Grace this Summer. So that’s something. Oh, and Guy is blogging about his guitars and football and whatever at the band’s new website.

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