The Making of The Cure’s “A Forest”

The Making of The Cure’s “A Forest”
The Cure - "A Forest"

This Cure classic from 1980 was the subject of one of my first posts, but it’s a track that merits further examination. To that end, here’s a ridiculously in-depth piece at Sound On Sound from December 2004 with Mike Hedges. It covers his history with the band – he engineered their first record Three Imaginary Boys and co-produced Seventeen Seconds with Robert Smith as well as the follow-up Faith – and gets right into the mics, desk, room setup, everything you could possibly hope to know about recording a post-punk classic.

CLASSIC TRACKS: The Cure ‘A Forest’ @ Sound On Sound

Of course, if you only want to know how to play it, you could just refer to the subject of one of my most recent posts and go through the tutorial at, though if you want the tablatures you’ll need to support his Patreon.

And if you just want to see some more live performances of the song… one from a two years ago, one from 29 years ago, and one from 41 years ago. Curiously, the official promo video is impossible (for me) to find online, but an analysis of it exists. So.

The Cure – “A Forest” @ Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, 2019
The Cure – “A Forest” (live 1992)
The Cure – “A Forest” @ TROS Top 50, 1980

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