Ride – “Seagull”, live on The Happening, 1990

Ride – “Seagull”, live on <i>The Happening</i>, 1990
Ride @ Town Hall, Oxford - 1990

While any live band performance television footage from yesteryear is kind of a gift, most of it is pretty low-res, VHS rip quality and while it may be period-correct but not necessarily a lot of fun to watch. So this recently-surfaced high-quality (well, 480p) clip of Ride tearing up British programme The Happening (not to be confused with the dubious Mark Wahlberg vehicle of the same name) in 1990 with a performance of “Seagull” is pretty sweet, whether you choose to marvel at the fresh-facedness of the band – they’re barely 20 – or the fact that Mark and Andy’s Rickenbackers somehow survive the ordeal.

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