The Women of Roxy Music

The Women of Roxy Music

I was originally just going to share the one article I’d found on the topic of Roxy Music and the models that graced the covers of almost all their albums, but just a little digging revealed that the topic was a well-covered one. Which makes sense, as the visuals of Roxy Music in the ’70s are almost as iconic as the sounds they made.

That first article was a bit of editorial at the Universal Music-boosting uDiscover site from this past September, and in it they offer up a brief bio of every woman who graced the cover of a Roxy Music album and their rock’n’roll bona fides.

Beauty Queens: The Stories Behind Roxy Music’s Album Covers @ uDiscover Music

But probably the best piece on the topic is by music writer Madeline Bocaro, who published this piece in January 2018, along with behind-the-scenes photos, and goes deeper into the Roxy catalog, identifying the models on a couple compilations as well as Bryan Ferry’s Olympia (though Kate Moss – duh).

Roxy Ladies @ Madeline Bocaro

And while probably a bit redundant after that, in June 2018 music blog 6 Album Sunday delved a little deeper into the backstories of the cover models from Roxy Music through Flesh & Blood:

Who Were Those Roxy Music Girls? @ 6 Album Sunday

And similarly, Three In A Crowd did their own research on the first five album cover models and came up with trivia the others did not:

Roxy Music Cover Models @ Three In A Crowd

In their August 2019 piece, Inside Hook considered the Roxy Music cover girl in the context of how their album covers stood out from the ponderous, self-important aesthetic of the ’70s rock scene. Conversations with the designers and photographers behind the images emphasize and their artistic importance, beyond just celebrating the beautiful women of the era:

And as a segue from that, in February 2018 Another Man profiled designer and Roxy Music collaborator Antony Price about his part in crafting the visual identity of the band, of which the albums were obviously a huge part:

The Designer Who Crafted Roxy Music’s Boundary-Breaking Look @ Another Man

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