My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless on #TimsTwitterListeningParty

My Bloody Valentine’s <i>Loveless</i> on #TimsTwitterListeningParty

I – like everyone – has spilt a lot of digital ink on My Bloody Valentine this year, what with their back catalog finally coming back into print on all mediums in all territories in time for the 30th anniversary of their landmark Loveless. So much so that when the actual birthday of the record came around yesterday… I didn’t have much else to say, and so I let it pass.

But as it happens the band themselves still had a lot to say about it. As they did for Isn’t Anything back in May, all four of them took to Tim’s Twitter Listening Party to offer up what should be the definitive oral history of the record, or as definitive as one could be through the haze of thirty years of memory.

My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless @ #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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