Lush: A Far From Home Movie

<em>Lush: A Far From Home Movie</em>

Home movies from first wave shoegaze bands and arthouse cinema streaming services don’t exactly go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but The Criterion Channel, in the USA and Canada, at least, are have added Lush: A Far From Home Movie to their catalog. It’s a 35-minute short film assembled by former Lush bassist Phil King from Super-8 footage he shot of the band over the course of their world tours from 1992 to 1996.

Says King of the film:

By the time I joined Lush at the end of 1991, they had already played around 190 shows in their four year career—and would go onto play another 320 or so before drummer Chris Acland’s tragic and untimely death in October 1996. I would often take my trusty Sankyo Super-8 camera on tour with me—and since film was costly would try and make sure to shoot footage sparingly. Hopefully this film captures the excitement (and boredom) of being on tour—and, sadly in retrospect, I hope that it serves as a fitting memorial to a much missed by us all Chris.

Phil King, Lush
Lush: Premieres ‘A Far From Home Movie’ Short Film via The Criterion Channel @ 4AD

It’s not clear why the film is only available in North America right now, but presumably there is a plan. In any case, I’m now glad I never got around to canceling my Criterion subscription, at least for the next half hour or so. People everywhere can watch the trailer, however, and buy one of two sweet limited edition posters for the film.

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