Guy Chadwick by Suzie Gibbons

Guy Chadwick shared this pic on The House Of Love’s Facebook page last week, and it’s too good not to re-share. 1985 throwing a shape post Kingdoms pre House of Love limbo with my newly bought Epiphone Sheraton – Guy Chadwick Photo by Chadwick’s photographer throughout his career, Suzie Gibbons.

Ride / Today Forever

I have Sonic Cathedral’s 1991: The Year Shoegaze Broke rolling blog for inspiring this post, because without their March 25 entry, I never would have known that my favourite Ride release actually had an accompanying VHS/Laserdisc release and that all four songs on it had an accompanying video. The EP itself is long out of […]

Lowly / Hifalutin

For the third part in my “listen to Lowly” series, I’ll not post another of the advance singles from their latest album, 2019’s Hifalutin. Instead, I’ll share the three gorgeous short films – ‘video’ seems so insufficient – they released to go with it. The Danish band’s third record shed some of the immediacy of […]