Belly’s Star at 28

Belly’s <i>Star</i> at 28
"Star" by Vaughan Oliver

Belly’s debut album Star turns 28 years old today, meaning it’s been 28 years since I was tipped off to the record by a friend whose tastes normally ran to Faith No More than 4AD. But I thank him for the recommendation because Tanya Donelly and company have been one of my favourite bands for over a quarter-century now.

In 2016, Tanya Donelly talked to The Line Of Best Fit about leaving the Breeders to strike out on her own:

“Everything on it was intended for the next Breeders album”: Belly’s Star revisited @ The Line Of Best Fit

Here’s all the official videos from the album – note Warner Bros commissioned a different clip for “Gepetto” for North America than 4AD in the rest of the world.

Belly – “Feed The Tree”
Belly – “Slow Dog”
Belly – “Gepetto”

While they’ve been relatively quiet since touring for Dove wrapped in 2018 (their Chicago show was bucket list for me), they released a few acoustic versions of Star songs at the end of last year on their Bandcamp.

Bees, a new compilation of Belly b-sides – all good, I should know as I was one of those guys who collected all their CD singles – will be out May 21.

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