Press Cycles: Warpaint’s Heads Up

Press Cycles: Warpaint’s <i>Heads Up</i>
Warpaint by Mia Kirby

Maybe I spent so much time invested in Warpaint leading up to the release of their debut album The Fool back in October 2010 – I saw them four times in the six months prior, loved Exquisite Corpse to death – that when it came out and I wasn’t bowled over, I lost interest. As such I’ve missed their last FIVE local shows, which I am presently feeling really stupid about. I mean yeah, their last date was opening up for Depeche Mode at the ACC in September 2017 so that would have been a little pricey, but when they headlined here at The Danforth a year prior? No excuse.

Especially since their last album Heads Up was so damn good, scoring a highly-coveted spot on my 2016 best-of list (</sarcasm>). Their brew of arty, atmospheric-pop finally clicked for me across a whole full-length and reminded me why I liked them so much early on. So with their four-year drought of new material set to end this year – their cover of Gang Of Four’s “Paralysed”, at least, is out in May as part of The Problem Of Leisure – let’s dig through some of the press clippings around that last one.

Guitarist/vocalist Theresa Wayman seemed to take on the bulk of the press duties, and in addition to discussing the process behind the album, a lot of the questions to her – as well as the others – were about their recent high-profile tourmates Depeche Mode and Harry Styles:

Warpaint on Heads Up, the Liveliest Record of Their Career @ Vogue

Heads Up: Warpaint on Making People Dance, Abandoning the Album, and Reaching Their Prime @ Tranverso

‘Life’s Never Sober’ – An Interview with Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman @ NBHAP

Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman talks songwriting methods, rock and roll, motherhood, and more… @ Guitar Girl

Theresa Wayman from Warpaint gives a heads up on Harry (Styles), Barry (White) and Dick (Stusso) @ Dice

Bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg also flagged a few interviews, noting the greater emphasis on the low end groove on the new record:

Gear, Mood and Intention: Q+A with Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg @ She Shreds

Warpaint Reveal How to Keep an Indie-Rock Band Going for a Decade (Without Killing Each Other) @ Complex

Interview: Warpaint @ Grain

Drummer Stella Mozgawa discussed rigours of touring with The Independent:

Warpaint interview: ‘The second tour almost ruined us – there’s a better balance now’ @ The Independent

And Indonesia’s Bandwagon managed the rare feat of sitting down not only frontwoman Emily Kokal, but the whole band for an interview:

Warpaint, on growing up with music and eventually making some of it @ Bandwagon

Unsurprisingly, my favourite bit of Warpaint press comes courtesy of Premier Guitar who spent a half hour going over the band’s pedalboards and gear during a tour stop in Nashville; in addition to the video, there’s gallery of all the band’s sonic toys:

Rig Rundown: Warpaint @ Premier Guitar

And Fender logically featured the band in an advert for their offset series guitars, particularly the Mustang:

And finally, the one official video from the album, a song I could listen to on repeat for ages.

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