Spin: Cocteau Twins’ Milk & Kisses Turns 25

Spin: Cocteau Twins’ <i>Milk & Kisses</i> Turns 25
Cocteau Twins by Bob Berg

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Cocteau Twins’ final studio album Milk & Kisses, Spin talked to bassist Simon Raymonde about the making of the record and the band’s final days. I literally traversed the globe looking for one of the 2017 Record Store Day double-disc presses of this record (struck out in London, Paris, Toyko, New York, Toronto) at non-Discogs prices and eventually found a copy at regular retail via I don’t even remember where. But I paid through the nose for Four-Calendar Cafe, let me tell you. And then of course both records were reissued as regular releases in 2019… but I get those bonus tracks, I guess. Anyway.

Cocteau Twins’ Milk & Kisses Turns 25 @ SPIN

Cocteau Twins – “Rilkean Heart”
Cocteau Twins – “Half-Gifts”
Cocteau Twins – “Tishbite”

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