Hatchie – “Adored”

Hatchie – “Adored”
Hatchie - "Adored"

In this day and age where everything exists first digitally and basically in perpetuity, rarities aren’t really a thing. But in feeling like posting a Hatchie song, I opted to go for one that only barely exists physically and thus is sort of an inverse rarity. “Adored” was released as part of Adult Swim’s 2018 singles series, coming out between her debut Sugar & Spice EP and 2019’s Keepsake full-length. Yeah, apparently it was sent out as a promotional CD-R but I refuse to believe anyone in 2018 was actually popping a one-track CD-R into any kind of optical disc player rather than just hitting “play” on a stream.

As for why this glorious bit of dreamy bubblegum was left off of both the EP and album, the official explanation was:

‘Adored’ is a song that’s been floating around for a few years now so I’m really excited it’s finally found its place with this release. I’ve been playing it live since my first show but didn’t feel it fit on either my EP or album. It’s about always wanting more than what you have, even if it’s perfect”. In this way, ‘Adored’ does what tracks like ‘Sure’ and ‘Try also do so well, which is to work in the margins, the in between spaces of a relationship.

Harriette Pilbeam

So it’s just as well she had plenty more dreamy bubblegum ready for the full-length. The official video was a live version, so here’s it and the original studio cut:

  1. Adored was also released as a 7” single with her cover of the JAMC’s Sometimes Always, a duet with the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Definitely one to add to the collection. 🙂

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