The Wedding Present – “A Song From Under The Floorboards”

The Wedding Present – “A Song From Under The Floorboards”

When I did this roundup of versions of Magazine’s “A Song From Under The Floorboards” back in November, I certainly didn’t think I’d be needing to make an addendum a few months later, but here we are. And that’s because none other than The Wedding Present have tackled the song as the b-side on their second single of the year and the second instalment of their 24 Songs project.

If you missed the brief and/or it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a callback to their 1992 Hit Parade single series, where they released a new 7″ every month featuring one original song and one cover, resulting in a really superb collection of tunes (though to be fair, most Wedding Present projects are superb collections of tunes). In announcing the project last Fall, David Lewis Gedge said:

The Hit Parade went on to become something of a significant milestone in the history of the band and it’s a project about which I’m often asked. As its thirtieth anniversary approached, I began to wonder if we should celebrate it in some way. A ‘Hit Parade Part 2’ didn’t feel quite right, though. Then, someone said to me: “Other bands have released music in similar ways but there has been nothing like the Hit Parade.” And they were right! A 7” single a month seems, somehow, very ‘Wedding Present’. So, inspired by that little idea from three decades ago, we’ve embarked on this new project, 24 Songs.

David Gedge, THE WEDDING PRESENT announce 24 Songs – a 7” single every month in 2022 @ XSNoise

This time, it’s not as rigid a format – January’s single was two original compositions – so seeing a reinterpretation of a song I love this time around was a very pleasant surprise. I for one would be pleased to see more covers included. Wedding Present covers are great things.

Gedge further discussed the project with a number of outlets around the turn of the year:

Far Out Meets: The Wedding Present as they gear up for 24 songs in 2022 @ Far Out

David Gedge Talks About The Wedding Present’s 24 Songs @ 25 Years Later

An interview with The Wedding Present ahead of 24 Songs @ Bingxo

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