Yard Act – “The Overload”

Yard Act – “The Overload”

To mark my first show of the year last night, and the third in 28 months, here’s the vid for the title track of Yard Act’s debut album, The Overload. Yeah, that sentence was a mouthful but so are most/all of their songs, with the elevator pitch on the Leeds outfit being “a cross between The Fall and Pulp”. With those points of reference they’re a little on the nose but still entertaining if not groundbreaking.

As you’d expect, the band – or frontman James Smith, anyways – are also a good interview. As befits a buzzy buzz buzz new Brit band, there’s a lot of press but here’s a few to start on if you’re inclined, starting with their NME cover story from this past January, just before the record was released and topped out at number two on the UK charts:

Yard Act: “Life is really fucking messy with no right answers” @ NME

Character Studies: Yard Act on Their Debut Album “The Overload” @ Under The Radar

Yard Act Aren’t Who You Think They Are @ SPIN

Yard Act: “People Are Fundamentally Flawed And That’s Really Important” @ DIY

‘Elton John listening to us blows my mind’: Yard Act on humour, despair and celebrity fans @ The Guardian

And of particular interest to the gearheads, Guitar World just posted a chat with the band’s string-slingers about their contributions to their sound; I did not realize guitarist Sam Shjipstone was previously in Hookworms – I liked them, that’s cool to know:

Yard Act’s Sam Shjipstone and James Smith trace the origins of their unconventional post-punk sound @ Guitar World

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