Lucid Express – “Venture”

Lucid Express – “Venture”

Here’s a thing; I’ve been listening to Floret, the 2022 release from Hong Kong dreampoppers Lucid Express, under the impression that it’s their latest effort and most representative of where they are now…. but as it turns out, it’s their debut release, originally put out in 2015 when they were going by Thud. When US label Kanine signed the band, they rebranded and their first release as Lucid Express was their 2021 self-titled effort.

I’ve also listened to that one, and assumed that the gauzier, reverb-drenched approach was the band’s more embryonic sound and the slightly drier, punchier sound on Floret was them evolving. Nope! The release I’d been listening to was their second Kanine release, who reissued the original EP under their new name and spiced up with remixes from some moderate names in contemporary shoegaze (Ringo Deathstarr, Yuck, For Tracy Hyde).

So in order to be facing the right way with the band, I’ve been spending more time with the proper full length and am certainly appreciating their lush, languid take on the genre, but if I’m still preferring the songs on the EP. So by way of introduction, a track from Floret and accompanying video. Starring a cat.

And some press clippings – they talk to The Alternative about how a band from Hong Kong came to sign with an American label, Bandwagon: Asia has an introductory interview with the band, and Also Cool has a brief chat:

Interview: Lucid Express @ The Alternative

Introducing: Hong Kong dream-pop act Lucid Express on starting anew and working on their debut album @ Bandwagon: Asia

Lucid Express Share Hong Kong’s Shoegaze Scene and New Album @ Also Cool

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